Android How to Receive Incoming SMS – Tutorial

SMS is a cool feature in mobile phones. Let’s learn how to read and display all SMS form inbox and receive an incoming SMS. See flowing Steps : Declare RECEIVE_SMS permission in the manifest file. This gives us access to receive incoming sms through BroadcastReceiver. Declare READ_SMS permission in the manifest file. This is required to read […]

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Android Reading Phone Contacts Example

In this tutorial we are going to show how to read phone contacts which includes Phone Numbers and Email IDs display them in ListView. Show counter and progress bar while fetching the contacts form the device. To demonstrate this example I have used two of our previous tutorials. Android ListView Example Progress Dialog – Android Example […]

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Contact Picker using Intent – Android Tutorial

In this tutorial we are going to show how to pick contacts from default People application and display the Contact Name and Phone Number using startActivityForResult and Intent. See flowing Steps : Create a new Intent with action type ACTION_PICK. Set target as ContactsContract.CommonDataKinds.Phone.CONTENT_URI. Launch the intent using startActivityForResult with the predefined request code. Override onActivityResult method to handle the result of the picker […]

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Android Intent – Sending SMS and Making Phone Call Example

We are going to learn how to pass phone number to the default SMS application and Dialer application and launch it from our application. We have to use Intent to launch the SMS application and pass the phone number using setData() method. See flowing Steps : Create main layout file  res/layout/activity_main.xml Declare CALL_PHONE permission in the AndroidManifest.xml. This permission in […]

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Custom Spinner in Android

In the previous tutorial we learned about default android spinner widget Android Spinner Example. Now let’s learn about customizing the spinner items. See flowing Steps : Declare a Spinner in res/layout/activity_main.xml Create separate layout file spinner_row.xml for spinner items Create an array of spinner items Create Custom Adapter which extends ArrayAdapter Assign the Custom Adapter to the Spinner Override on OnItemClickListener method to add your […]

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